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0089 newRivervalePri 6ScienceEx or Current Primary TeacherOnce 1.5hours$55-65/hrMon/Wed/Fri from 5pm Apply
0088 newHougang JC 1BiologyCurrent JC teacherOnce 2 hours$100-120/hrSat/Sun noon or Fri evening Apply
0085 HougangPri 4 & 6EnglishEx or Current TeacherOnce x 3hours$55-65/hrMonday or Friday Apply
0084 newUpper Thomson Primary 3MathsEx or Current TeacherOnce x 1.5hrs$50-55/HrMonday or Tuesday Apply
0083 NovenaPrimary 5ChineseEx or Current TeacherOnce x 1.5hrs$50-60/HrTues/Fri from 6.30 or Sat/Sun from 1p, Apply
0082 BayshoreSec 3MathsEx or Current TeacherOnce 1.5hrs$360-390Weekday evening or weekend Apply
0081 PunggolSec 3E Maths & Combine Bio & ChemEx or Current Teacher (Female)Once 3 hours$720-780Sunday Afternoon Apply
0080 BishanPrimary 6ScienceEx or Current Teacher (Female)Once 1.5-2hrs$360-480Friday or Sunday Apply
0079 Potong PasirPrimary 6ScienceEx or Current TeacherOnce 1.5hrs$360Weekday evening or weekend Apply
0078 BishanSec 2ChineseEx School TeacherOnce 2hrs$440-480To be discussed Apply
0077 SengkangPri 1 ChineseCurrent TeacherOnce 1.5hrs$300To be discussed Apply
0076 newPunggolSec 3EnglishCurrent TeacherOnce 2hrs$520-$560To be discussed Apply
0074 BedokK2/P2/P3ChineseEx or Current TeacherTwice 4hrs$1440 - $1600Mon & Wed Apply
0073 Potong PasirP5EnglishEx or Current TeacherOnce 2hrs$400 - $440Weekday 7 / 7.30pm Apply
0072 Pasir RisSec 1 ScienceCurrent TeacherOnce 2hrs$480 - $600Sat / Sun Apply
0071 BedokSec 2ChineseEx or Current TeacherOnce 2hrs$480 - $520Mon/Wed/Sat Apply
0070 BedokP5ChineseEx or Current TeacherOnce 1.5hrs$300-330Mon/Wed/Sat Apply
0069 newSiglapP3Maths/ScienceEx or Current TeacherOnce 2hrs$400 - $440Weekday 7pm ,Wed from 3 Apply
0068 SiglapP3EnglishEx or Current TeacherOnce 2hrs$400 - $440Weekday 7pm Apply
0067 SiglapP3ChineseEx or Current TeacherOnce$400 - $440Weekday 7pm Apply
0066 MacphersonP6EnglishEx or Current TeacherOnce 2hrs$ 480Tue Nightt, Wed From 3pm, Sat Apply
0065 newBukit MerahSec 3 Pure BioEx or Current TeacherOnce 2hrs$560 - $600Mon, Tue, Fri from 4pm Apply
0064 newUpper ThomsonSec 3A/E MathsEx Or Current TeacherOnce 2hrs$480 - $520Friday Evening Apply
0063 newSembawangPri 2EnglishEx Or Current TeacherOnce 1.5hours$280- $300Sat/Sun Morning Apply
0062 newPotong PasirP5ScienceEx Or Current TeacherOnce 2hrs$440Sunday Apply
0061 newRiver ValleyP5ChineseEx Or Current TeacherOnce 2hrs$480 - $520To be arranged Apply
0060 newRiver ValleyP5ScienceEx Or Current TeacherOnce 2hrs$480 - $520Weekdays from 5pm Apply
0059 newQueenstownSec 3 Pure PhysicsEx Or Current TeacherOnce 2hrs$480 - $520Saturday Apply
0058 newQueenstownP5ScienceEx Or Current TeacherOnce 2hrs$400 - $440Tue/Thurs/Fri Evening Apply
0057 newWoodlandsP1English and MathsEx Or Current TeacherOnce 1.5hours$240 - $270Weekday Morning Apply


Develop Your Skills Through Tuition Assignments


There is a very good reason as to why teaching is considered one of the noblest pursuits in the world. The job of educating and inspiring the next generation of movers, shakers and leaders that will help bring the country forward into the next step of the future is an essential one. The opportunity that teachers have to mold students into the men and women they are in the future is one that is exciting, crucial and highly rewarding.


When you see your students achieve their full potential and realize their dreams, that is when teachers feel that all their hard work has paid off.


All that extra time spent sitting one on one with the student to beef up certain formula memorization or that extra hour or so spent polishing a student’s grammar, all that extra effort eventually pays off when it comes to the exam period.


Additionally, tuition assignments are also financially rewarding, as the demand for tutoring in Singapore continues to grow. Myschoolteacher offers you flexible work hours, thus fitting in easily with your other commitments. All you need to do is check if your timing fits with your student’s schedule before committing to any of our Singapore tuition assignments.


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